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The MOBILITY manager appears once a year and informs about the latest developments and current projects in public transport.

You will also find on our blog selected articles from the current issue as well as other interesting articles about energy supply and public transport.

Current cover story

Successive changeover to emission-free public transport

Megatrend e-mobility: A driver for change

The transition to emission-free public transport is the explicit goal of many cities and transport companies. But it is anything but easy. This paradigm shift requires transport companies to embark on a comprehensive transformation process, taking into account both complex structures and a multitude of operational and dynamic interactions. But only those companies that develop new expertise and prepare employees for their future roles in a timely manner will be successful.

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Recommended articles

Five steps to your depot management system

When it comes to a depot management system, many companies look forward to see process improvements and reduced work effort. While the benefits of a DMS are obvious, decision-makers are often unclear about how to go about introducing one. However, a structured implementation strategy can easily deal with these uncertainties. The right checklist makes the path to a new DMS much easier.

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Why local public transport has special requirements

Whether regarding the questions of pollution levels or urban congestion: Regional and local transport will continue to grow in importance in the coming years. To meet these needs, the supply must grow accordingly. The expansion of infrastructure is only one option – especially since it requires a long-term horizon for planning, approval, and construction. By contrast, one popular idea is increasing the schedule frequency by shortening the time between trains.

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Driving license check without visual inspection

Anyone who employs drivers or provides company vehicles to employees is required to regularly check driving licenses. This usually requires a visual inspection, which involves effort by employees and dispatchers. With the scanning solution integrated in the Profahr personnel planning system, these inspections can be completely eliminated.

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In our archive you can find all issues of the Mobility Manager (former Infrastructure Manager) released since 2017.


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