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Application Management Services (AMS): From IT Management to IT Design

07/06/2019 - Logistics, Technology

Using Application Management Services creates flexibility enabling your employees to take care of the development of your company's IT. ©baranq/Adobe Stock

To prevent that daily operations come to a halt, companies depend on reliable IT systems. To ensure smooth IT operations, continuous application maintenance is required, including monitoring and support. How many resources does your IT department have left for the further development of the IT landscape?

In many companies, these tasks are covered by an internal IT department. For a long time, the focus has no longer been only on the obligation to provide an uninterrupted IT operation. In the context of digitalization, it is a question of an indispensable further development of the IT landscape, e.g. through continuous integration of new technologies.

In short: The complexity of tasks and challenges is increasing. Solutions need to be created that satisfy the call for an IT department as a central innovator for new digital business models.

Increasing demands for IT requires rethinking

The so-called Application Management Services (AMS) are an answer to this using the know-how of external service providers. The tasks of the company’s IT systems are simply outsourced.

Application Management Services for a warehouse management system – everything from a single source: Hosting, maintenance, configuration, monitoring, security, administration.
Application Management Services for a warehouse management system – everything from a single source: Hosting, maintenance, configuration, monitoring, security, administration.

In order to e.g. maintain the operation of a warehouse management system (WMS), not only extensive technical know-how but also differentiated process knowledge is demanded. This usually requires several employees ensuring the operation of such an application.

AMS relieves IT departments, reduces costs and increases IT security

An AMS provider delivers all the resources as a bundle and available on demand. In other words, needs-oriented support is provided – depending on the previously agreed model. 24/7 support can also be provided without problems. On the cost side, the IT outsourcing variant usually proves to be much more affordable than an in-house solution with higher personnel costs.

Another important aspect in connection with application management is proactive monitoring of all system components. In addition to high availability, it also enables compliance with security-relevant aspects. Whether it involves installing updates at short notice or continuously monitoring hardware and software (active monitoring), our AMS specialists always keep an eye on your system. This way, IT security gaps can be avoided.

It remains to be said that AMS is a smart approach to taking IT to the next level in companies. You create flexibility for your own IT employees enabling them to take care of the further development of your company's IT – away from IT management and towards IT design.

Application Management Services for warehouse management successfully used

As an innovative software manufacturer, PSI Logistics also offers customers a wide range of outsourcing models (AMS) in connection with the warehouse management solution PSIwms.

At the beginning of 2018, PSI Logistics took over the 24/7 operation and application maintenance of its warehouse management system for Hilti Befestigungstechnik AG and Jungheinrich Logistiksysteme GmbH. Operational processes are managed via the cloud from PSI's own data center in Frankfurt, Germany.

This is just one of many possible deployment variants of our Application Management Services. We would be pleased to present our service range to you in more detail in a personal meeting.

Hartmut Braun

PSI Logistics GmbH
Head of Business Development