Energy Management

PSI’s highly available systems play a key role in the safe, environmentally friendly and efficient operation of power and gas grids, pipelines as well as heating, cooling and water networks. They support energy trading and contribute to punctual, low-emission and efficient operation in public transport.

Power Grids and Sector Coupling

PSI control systems for complex networks support decentralized energy supply as well as renewable energies and intelligent grids.

Gas Grids and Pipelines

Solutions for the management of gas grids, oil and water pipelines incorporate diverse monitoring, planning and simulation functionalities.

Energy Trading and Sales

PSI’s integrated energy-business solutions support all trading, sales and planning processes in the liberalised energy market.

Public Transportation

The control solution from PSI allows the efficient management of operations for companies in the public transportation and rail transportation sector.

Road Traffic

PSI’s control systems ensure monitoring, control and maintenance of traffic telematic infrastructures such as road networks, tunnels and bridges.

Airport Logistics

In the area of airport logistics PSI offers solutions for passenger, baggage and air cargo processing.

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