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How to Break the Automation Pyramid with the Metals Service Bus

27/08/2019, Research, Industry 4.0, Technology, Artificial Intelligence

The organization of systems relevant to metal production has been successfully carried out for many years on the basis of the “automation pyramid”. This structure, however, reaches its limits when it comes to adopting new methods. By eliminating the strict layering of the pyramid, a standard is required that allows these peers to communicate. Learn how the PSIbus technology closes this gap. 

PSImetals Service Platform
PSImetals Service Platform

No Fear of Changing the Running System

30/07/2019, Technology, Industry 4.0

Production Management Systems (PMS) have proven to be an invaluable factor in the optimization of metal production processes. They are also an important investment for metal producers and must prove themselves in the light of increasing changes in markets and technologies. At METEC 2019, PSI Metals successfully launched the PSImetals Service Platform, which stimulates opportunities for the journey towards digital transformation.

The Quest for Excellence

18/06/2019, Industry 4.0, Production

Competition is more and more a question of good time management. It’s the fast overtaking the slow in a race for the dream customer. The so-called "Center of Excellence" contributes significantly to winning this race. Learn how this approach was met with great success at Tenaris, one of the world's leading suppliers of tube products, together with PSI. 

Escape the Digital Jungle: Chances and Risks of Digital Transformation

12/04/2019, Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence

As this year's AIST Digital Transformation Forum has shown, American steel producers are now striving to keep pace with other industries. An industry as complex as the metals industry can be digitally transformed with Industry 4.0 technologies, but which of these technologies are the real game changer and which are just a hype in the pool of inflated buzzwords?