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We rethink software: with efficient and climate-friendly products.


more renewable energy through intelligently controlled pipelines


less energy consumption of heating furnaces in the steel industry


lower grid expansion costs through smart distribution grids




End-to-end software portfolio for the entire supply chain

The integrated product portfolio for production processes covers the entire supply chain and ranges from planning to controlling at the machine level. It includes technologically and functionally leading products from ERP, MES and SCM, which are used both in medium-sized companies and in corporations.



Holistic production management based on PSImetals - tailored for steel and aluminum producers. Source: PSI Metals

Metals Production

  • Comprehensive production management through an integrated view of all processes and events
  • Creation, mapping and optimization of all planning processes from distribution to sequence plan of an individual plant
  • Monitoring, controlling and adjustment of the production activities of a single plant or of the entire material flow
  • Management of warehouse logistics and transports for optimal supply of the plants
  • Reduction of energy consumption by using all savings potentials

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  • Mapping of specific processes such as growing parts lists, complete traceability of batch and serial numbers.
  • Planning and organization of the entire supply chain in terms of material, information and payment flow
  • Quality assurance with low error rate and efficient production processes
  • Electronic data exchange via industry standards and portal connections to vehicle manufacturers
  • Adaptive solutions for all planning levels, automatic reaction to malfunctions and intelligent production optimization

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Mobile ERP with industrial apps - keep track of production. Source: PSI Automotive & Industry



Simple product configuration - optimize processes with powerful variant management. Source: PSI Automotive & Industry GmbH

Machine Engineering

  • Planning and processing of production orders and operations in a graphical user interface
  • Comprehensive and company-wide networking of operations, project structures, resources, deadlines and efforts
  • Controlling of cross-plant and cross-site business processes
  • Ideal capacity utilization, improved planning of inventories and relocation of existing material
  • Production control center for detailed planning, order control and monitoring of production deadlines

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Network Control Systems & SCADA

High-availability control systems for optimizing the flow of energy

Our intelligent software enables the control of transport and distribution infrastructures for electricity, gas, water and heat. Thus, existing networks can  be used better and costs can be reduced.



Geodisplay of the electrical network with activation of the technological magnifying glass. Source: PSI Electrical Energy

Power grids & sector coupling

  • Monitoring and controlling of power grids of all voltage levels and other energies in the multi-utility system
  • Controlling of maintenance, fault and switching measures as well as support in asset management
  • Fast decision support for voltage regulation and grid stability
  • Optimization of e-mobility charging operations for grid stabilization and protection against overloads

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Gas grids & pipelines

  • Planning, simulation and forecasting of gas networks
  • Tracking of gas properties and all movements in the network
  • Supporting the efficient transport of hydrogen
  • Monitoring of cross-border transportation and subsea pipelines
  • Reliable leak detection and precise leak location of gas networks and pipelines

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Advanced control and monitoring as well as predictive simulation. Source: PSI Gas Grids and Pipelines



Trade List. Source: PSI Energy Markets

Energy trading

  • End-to-end support for all energy trading and sales processes for electricity, gas and other energy carriers
  • Risk management and reporting for effective risk minimization in a volatile energy market
  • IT-based support for the revision and calibration of gas metering equipment

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Transport & Logistics

Clean public transport and smart logistics

Our product portfolio ensures reliable public transport and optimized traffic and logistics processes. This includes solutions for intelligent vehicle, train and depot management, transport and warehouse management as well as traffic management.



Digitized and optimized processes in the depot ensure the best possible vehicle availability. Source: PSI Transcom

Public transport

  • Automatic and inter-company dispatching of buses of all drive types
  • Integrated charging management for electric buses
  • Central monitoring and controlling of train traffic
  • Monitoring and controlling of bus and tram operations
  • Real-time passenger information in vehicles and at bus stops

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  • Controlling, monitoring and optimization of intralogistics processes for transparent and efficient design of warehouse and logistics processes
  • Transport management system for postal and courier express parcel companies to optimize multimodal transport chains
  • Comprehensive system, network and complete solutions for baggage logistics using AI-based applications
  • Performance enhancement and cost reduction in logistics networks and supply chains through strategic analysis, planning and optimization

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PSI global supports in setting up a successful supply chain risk management. Source: PSI Logistics



AI-based traveltime forecast with PSIroads/MDS. Source: PSI Mines&Roads

Road traffic

  • Monitoring, operations and maintenance for the operational management of road infrastructures
  • Integratable solutions for optimizing traffic flows and reducing environmental impact
  • Road condition and travel time forecasts for planning and implementing optimized work and transport flows
  • Balancing conflicting objectives through multi-criteria decision support and AI
  • Event-based travel time predictions for industrial smart routing services

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