PSI Platform

Benefit from a flexible and future-proof software platform

Our highly available, scalable and Java technology-based platform provides the common, powerful basis for all PSI products.


Enjoy the advantages of an intuitive and consistent look and feel

Through modern Java-based GUI technology, graphical user interfaces can be quickly and easily adapted to your needs. This allows applications to be built efficiently and productivity to be increased. In addition, our unique Click Design functionality offers you further possibilities for the individual and flexible design of an intuitive user interface.



Configure your software easily with PSI Click Design

With an intuitive graphical editor, you can customize user interfaces and reduce dialogues to the essentials.

Complex changes to the interface structure and simple adjustments to menus, list and table dialogs can be made at runtime using drag & drop and saved in profiles. User-defined interfaces can thus be adapted to your individual requirements of workflows and operated via web, mobile and rich client using WORA technology.



Use your applications in every environment

We use the WORA principle (Write Once Run Anywhere) for identical user interfaces and dialog models for web, mobile and rich clients. The graphical user interface thus remains identical in all available environments and adapts to the corresponding screen size using responsive design.

Different environments, identical application (web client on the left and rich client application on the right).



Design your business processes simply and individually

Use BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) to display your individual business processes and workflows graphically and clearly.

This allows the modification of lean and efficient processes for fast implementations and adjustments. The user interfaces and dialog models derived from this can also be flexibly configured with PSI Click Design.

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Rely on your desired basic technology

We support your business processes independently of the basic IT and we are flexible with regard to different operating systems and databases.

We offer the right cloud solution for your specific requirements. Our multi-cloud offer allows the parallel use of cloud services and platforms of several providers. The connection to your existing server environment can also be implemented effortlessly.


Integrate applications flexibly into your system environment

The data management and integration bus (Enterprise Service Bus, ESB) ensures service integration and data exchange between PSI and third-party services and products. This enables flexible communication between different applications. Service calls can be orchestrated according to your business process and adjusted at any time.

The openness to third-party applications enables the smooth introduction of new services and trouble-free upgrades, thus offering companies future security.


Simply develop your applications further yourself

Customers and partners can develop and integrate their own applications using PSI Click Design and BPMN. The open platform also allows individual modules to be replaced independently (e.g. migrations or upgrades).



Create added value through artificial intelligence

The PSI platform offers a proven basis for the successful use of artificial intelligence (AI) in industrial software products. By selecting the best optimization method depending on the operation purpose, our Industrial Intelligence solutions ensure maximum customer benefit. With the help of industrial AI algorithms, such as Fuzzy Logic, you can make your business processes even more efficient, productive and economical.

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